Last Man Standing

"Last Man Standing"
Week 9 Predictions can be viewed below.
Well done to Liam Power who correctly predicted Dublin & Monaghan in Round 9 of Last Man Standing to become the sole survivor and the winner of the €250 first prize.

View Round 9 Predictions in the "Last Man Standing" on attached pdf below
Raheens are running a prediction competition for the duration of the National Football League. The winner will be the "Last Man Standing". The rules of the competition are as follows:-
1. Entrants will be required to predict one team from Divisions 1 or 2 of the NFL to win their Round 1 game, which starts on Saturday, 1st February 2014.
2. If the entrant's prediction is incorrect they are eliminated from the competition.
3. If the entrant is successful in Round 1 they will proceed to Round 2, and so on until Round 7, or until there is only one left standing.
4. Entrants cannot pick the same team more than once.
5. Entry fee is €10.
6. First prize is €250 and will be won by the "Last Man Standing" or if there is more than one it will be divided equally between the remaining entrants.
Shane Malone,
4 Jun 2014, 16:06