Patsy Campbell

Patsy Campbell first played football for Blacktrench and won a Junior Championship in 1916. He also played for a while with Caragh and came back and won a Junior Championship in 1928 with Raheens. Although small in stature he had the courage of a lion and people who recalled him in his playing days remembered most his competitive qualities which were typical of the Raheens teams with whom he played.

The Campbells of Caragh have always been a great G.A.A. family and down through the years have been represented on practically every Raheens team. Patsy’s brothers, Tommy, John and Mick also figured prominently on many Kildare teams.

Patsy was President of the Raheens G.A.A. Club for a number of years; a post currently filled by his daughter Mae, and almost every Sunday he could be seen making his way to a game, particularly if Raheens were playing. A sprightly and active man he supervised the gate at all home games into his 90’s, generally reporting for duty half an hour before the game to catch the early birds. 

In being great servants to the Raheens Club over the years the Campbell’s only had to look to Patsy for their example. Patsy’s service to the club down through the years was immense and he will live long in the memories of those fortunate enough to have come into his presence.