Tom Lawler

The Raheens playing pitch fittingly commemorates the name of a great Caragh and Raheens clubman- Tom Lawler. He played with the County team in the golden era of Kildare football and won an All-Ireland medal with the 1919 winning side. In the All-Ireland final of that year, Kildare (Caragh), captained by Larry Stanley beat Galway on the scoreline Kildare 2-5, Galway 0-1.

In addition to being a great footballer, Tom Lawler was also an outstanding County Administrator, serving on the County Board in the following capacities: Chairman County Board 1922/33, 1937/46; Trustee 1936/37; Vice-Chairman County Board 1919/21, 1947/56; Vice-Chairman Minor Board 1948/52; Hon. President County Board 1934; Leinster Council Representative 1922/23, 1925/35, 1947/50, 1952/54, 1957/60; Central Council Representative 1938.

Liam Geraghty, who later followed in his footsteps as Chairman of the County Board remembered him as follows: β€œHe carried the responsibility of his office as Chairman with dignity. There were no two ways about Tom Lawler. There was but one way – the straight way. He was a man to admire, to imitate and to follow. He set a high standard in administration for his successors.” Liam recalled that it was Tom Lawler who was mainly responsible for the purchase of the field in Gingerstown which appropriately now bears his name. Thanks to the foresight of men like him, we have excellent playing pitches in our towns and villages around the country.

May the Tom Lawler Memorial Park forever keep green his memory in Kildare.